Privacy Policy

Under GDPR n. 679/2016

LAST UPDATE: May 24th 2018

This Privacy Policy about WhatsThat, along with the Generic Privacy Policy regarding all PowerICT products, is intended to help you to understand why and what kind of data we collect, and how you can update, manage and delete yours.
In case you have further questions after the reading of this document, you can con contact us at the following email: privacy@powerictsoft.com.

Data collected by WhatsThat
In order to provide the data needed for the use of WhatsThat you must be at least 16 years old.

At the moment of the registration of your account on WhatsThat we will ask you to choose a reference email and a password.
The registraton is an automatic process, and these data are necessary for the creation of your personal account and guarantee that only you can access to it.
Alternatively, you can register your account and login in WhatsThat via your Facebook or Google account. By using this function, you will set as WhatsThat email and username the name and the mail of the social account you’ve chosen.
We will not collect any other information from your social accounts without your explicit consent.

In order to work properly, WhatsThat needs to know your location. Without this information, WhatsThat will not work. We have no way to track your location in real time, and we will never do it in the future without your explicit consent.

To help us to improve your user experince in WhatsThat, we may ask you other personal information, like your name, surname, birthday, your language or other preferences in different areas. This information is completely optinal, and deciding not to provide i twill not prevent you from using our product.

Data collection in WhatsThat
WhatsThat collects the data you insert to login into your personal account, and automatically manages your geolocation data to ensure its correct working, without saving or tracking it.
By using the internal functions of WhatsThat to suggest new places of interest or to modify the position of places already in our databases you may have to send us your actual location.
Doing that you allows us to manage your location at the time of the suggestion to improve WhatsThat. You are not forced to do that: if you don’t want to share your personal information with us, you can decide not to use these features, and your decision will not affect your use of WhatsThat.

Your data management in WhatsThat
Once you have logged into WhatsThat using your account credentials, you will be able to visualize your “Account” page in the “Settings” section.
In this page you can:
– Display your personal data in our possession;
– Access to a direct link to this Privacy Policy and the generic Privacy Policy of PowerICT;
– Modify your login data (email, password, social accounts);
– Export your personal data using the screenshot function of your device;
– Delete the personal data you no longer want to share with us, or delete your account and all personal data linked to it, revoking your permission for their use.

We remind you that the login data (your email or at least one of your social account) are essentials for the access to your personail account. Without these data we will not be able to guarantee you the use of WhatsThat.
In case you want to delete this particular category of personal data from our database, the only way to do it will be the “Delete Account” function.

For other requests regarding the management of your personal data we remind you that you can always contact us at the following email: privacy@powerictsoft.com. We will reply as soon as possible, but we may have to ask you to prove your identity before allow you to manage your personal data without the automatic procedures at your disposal.

Final information
This Privacy Policy applies only to WhatsThat.
This document may be subject to changes, but your rights will never be changed without your explicit consent.
In case any changes are made, you will be promptly informed and invited to renew your consent for the management of your personal data.

We remind you that this Privacy Policy is an addendum to the general privacy policy of PowerICT. For a complete policy information we invite you to read also the document called PowerICT Privacy Policy.