Additional Terms of Service

Whats That is a Service provided by Power ICT Srls which, using a software for the Augmented Reality and geolocation, allows the User to view and use a variety of contents, including elevation data and maps, information sheets about points of interest, wiki pages, reviews and other related information provided by PowerICT, its licensors and its users.


– Art. 1 – Definitions
– Art. 2 – Scope
– Art. 3 – Information about the Terms of Use
– Art. 4 – License
– Art. 5 – Use of WhatsThat – Specific obligations
– Art. 6 – Risk taking
– Art. 7 – Property rights

Art. 1 – Definitions
PowerICT: Power ICT Srls, owner of the Service, head office in Potenza (PZ) in Via del Seminario Maggiore 115, CAP 85100, Basilicata, Italy, VAT Code and Fiscal Code 01946770763;
– Service (plural Services): generic service offered by PowerICT;
– WhatsThat: Service named “WhatsThat”, subject of these Additional Terms;
– User: physical person(s) or legal entity(s)  using a Service provided by PowerICT;
– General Terms: generic use agreement  between PowerICT and the User about the Services provided by PowerICT;
– Additional Terms: supplemental use agreeements between PowerICT and the User about one or more specific Services provided by PowerICT;
– Terms of Use: General Conditions and Additional Terms as a whole;
– Privacy Policy: rules for the management of the data collected  about and shared by the Users during their use of the Services by PowerICT;

Art. 2 – Scope
These Additional Terms regulate, along with the information material avaiable on the website www.powerictsoft.com (the General Terms of PowerICT and the Privacy Policy), the conditions of use for WhatsThat.

Art. 3 – Information about the Terms of Use
By loggin in, downloading or using WhatsThat, the Use declares to know, accept and be bound by:
– the General Terms of PowerICT;
– The Additional Terms of WhatsThat;
– the Privacy Policy of Power ICT.

The User is required to read these documents carefully, starting from the General Terms.

Art. 4 – License
According to the Terms of Use, PowerICT grants the User a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of WhatsThat, allowing him to:
– view and annotate maps;
– publish contents online with the proper attributon.

Art. 5 – Use of WhatsThat – Specific obligations
Using WhatsThat, in addition to assent to the generic obligations already listed in the Art. 4 of the General Terms, the User undertakes not to:
a. redistribute or sell any component of WhatsThat or create a new product or service based on WhatsThat;
b. copy te contents of WhatsThat, unless he has the property rights on them or the consent of PowerICT;
c. perform mass downloads or create collective feeds of the contents or allow anyone else to do it;
d. use WhatsThat to create or integrate other data sets related to the mapping in order to use them for an alternative or substantially similar service to WhatsThat;
e. decrypt, decompile or attempt to extract or modify the source code of WhatsThat or any related software, unless expressly allowed or required by the applicable law.

Art. 6 – Risk taking
Using WhatsThat, the User may find differences on the actual conditions and those indicated by the Service.
The User is required to exercise his/her own independent judgment in the use of WhatsThat,
Utilizzando WhatsThat, l’User potrebbe riscontrare differenze tra le condizioni effettive e quelle indicate nel Servizio, under his/her own responsability and risk.
The User is responsabile, at any time, for his/her conduct and for any consequences.

Art. 7 – Propety rights
The contents uploaded, forwarded, stored, sent or received via WhatsThat are subject to the Terms of Use of PowerICT.
The contents stored on a personal device not uploaded to, or forwarded to, PowerICT are not subject to the mentioned Terms of Use.