Standardized Workflow for Advanced Neuroimaging in Epilepsy

SWANe is a software designed and developed to improve and simplify the management of a wide range of advanced neuroimaging analysis algorithms.

It consists of a library of predefinied workflows that can be managed through an user-friendly GUI, which guides the users step by step to all the operations without any text-based command interface.

SWANe can be used to manage imaging for epileptic patients of all ages, including pediatric patients.

SWANe is a LICE – Lega Italiana Contro l’Epilessia project.




Structural Workflows

  • 3D T1w
  • 3D Flair
  • 2D Cor/Sag/Tra Flair
  • Post-contrast 3D T1w
  • FreeSurfer
  • FlaT1
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging preprocessing
  • Tractography


Morpho-Functional Workflows

  • PET & Arterial Spin Analysis (ASL)
  • Task fMRI
  • Venous MRA