Privacy Policy – May 24th Update


By using the products offered by Power ICT Srls (from now on PowerICT) you may have to grant us the use of some kind of your personal data and information.
This Privacy Policy is intended to help you to understand why and what kind of data we collect, and how you can update, manage and delete yours.
The collected data, the collection methods, their use and the management methods may vary from product to product. Each product, if necessary, will have its own Privacy Policy which will integrate this one and provide you with more information.
In case you have further questions after the reading of this document, you can con contact us at the following email:

What kind of data we collect
The personal data collected will vary depending on the product you are using, but they may be classified into the following categories:
– Those needed to identify and grant you access to your personal account (like your username, your email or your social accounts);
– Those needed for the proper working of the product you are using (like, in some cases, your location);
– Those optionals used to offer you a better product (like the language you speak or your preferences in different areas) and/or for statistical purposes.

How we collect your data
Your data can be collected in three ways:
– They can be communicated directly by you when yhey are requested (like when you register your account on one of our product);
– They can be automatically sent while you’re using our product, with your previous authorization;
– They can be sent while you’re using some features of the product you’re using, with your previous authorization.

How we use your data
The collected data are used for:
– Allow us to offer safe and reliable products;
– Allow our poducts to work properly, based on their purpose;
– Customize our products according to your preferences;
– Allow us to gather useful information for the constant improvement of our products or to develop new ones;
– Communicate with you, if necessary.

We will always ask for your consent before using the data collected for purposes other than those described above.

How you can manage your data
Once you are logged into one of our products, you will always be free to review, update or delete our personal information in our possession.
Keep in mind that deleting some personal data needed for the work of the product may not allow you from using it.

You will always be free to save your personal information and export it wherever you want according to the procedures provided by each of our products.

You will always be free to delete your personal account on each of our products, simultaneously deleting all of your personal information from our databases.

For some products you will be able to manage some of the information you share with us also through the control functions of your device, like the geolocation settings.

How your data can be shared
Some products allow you to share your information with other people. Keep in mind that, when you share your information publicly, it may become accessible through the sharing channels you’ve used and the search engines.

PowerICT does not share your personal information with external companies or entities, except for the following cases:
– If you have granted us your consent to share them;
– If necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, court prosecutions or mandatory application by a governmental institution;
– To apply the PowerICT and the product Terms of Use;
– To protect the rights, property or public, PowerICT or its other users safety, as required or allowed by law.

We may share non-personal information (like, for example, aggregated data about the use of a product) for statistical, advertising or evaluation purposes.

How your data is stored and protected
PowerICT uses all the procedures reasonably needed to ensure the protection of your personal data, like coding, security levels, regular backups, etc.
In case of violation of your data, possible or ascertained, we will inform you and the competent authorites as soon as possible, helping you, if necessary, to restore your data.

If needed, our roducts could use encryption methods to keep your data safe.

The access to your personal information is granted only to employees, collaborators and, if needed, consultants of PowerICT, all subjected by a non disclosured agreement.

Your personal data will be stored as long as necessary in order to guarantee you the use of the product you’ve chosen, or until these products are avaiable.
You will always be able to require the cancellation of your data using the specific functions of each product or by contacting usa t the following email:

Where your data is stored
Unless otherwise specified in the Privacy Policy of the products, PowerICT relies on external service providers for the storage and the protection of its and your data.
We place the utmost care in choosing the hosting service providers we use, in order to make sure that they keep and protect our and your data in the best way possible.

Final information
This Privacy Policy applies to all the products offered by PowerICT.
This document may be subject to changes, but your rights will never be changed without your explicit consent.
In case any changes are made, you will be promptly informed and invited to renew your consent for the management of your personal data.

The data controller is PowerICT Srls, head office in Potenza (PZ) in Via del Seminario Maggiore 115, CAP 85100, Basilcata, Italy, VAT Code and Fiscal Code 01946770763.

Law references
Your personal data will be managed by PowerICT according to the current Italian and European law for all purposes, including the commercial purposes, related to the PowerICT products and brand.

We underline that you can exercise the following rights at any time:
– Right to access to your personal data;
– Right to obtain information about the use of your personal data;
– Right to rectify your personal data;
– Right to delete your personal data;
– Right to limit the management of all or part of your personal data;
– Right to export your personal data;
– Right to oppose to the use of your eprsonal data;
– Right to present a complaint to a supervisory authority regarding the use of your personal data.

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