Suite for the Digitalization of Processes and Documents

DigiDoc is the development project of a software solution for the digitalization of processes and documents, as well as their cloud storage and classification with customized forms and tools  and their easy sharing among partners, collaborators, customers and suppliers.


Centro Servizi Impresa Soc. Coop


Arcasensa Agostino s.a.s.


Digidoc Services

Customized storage

  • View layouts
  • Storage and disposal rules

Documents Folders Management

  • Customized layouts
  • Upload rules customized on the users’ specifications
  • Expiring alerts via notifications and email
  • Integrated antivirus scan

Projects Management

  • Creation/Storage of estimates, invoices, payments, costs and technical documentation
  • Working hours management
  • Hystorical economics visualization
  • Data and document sharing with the authorized customers

Cost Centers Management

  • Working hours, subcontracts, vehicles and activities management
  • Supplies management and storage
  • Document storage, sharing and management
  • Excel/Csv reports

Employees/Vehicles Management

  • Working hours and vehicles hours management
  • Document storage, sharing and management
  • Expiring alerts via notifications and emails
  • Excel/Csv reports

Activities Log

  • Real time tracking of the users’ activities
  • Alert via notifications and email